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    Quick, Easy, and Straightforward for Teachers, Students, Parents, and Administrators

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Why You'll Love Our Platform!


Customized school website just for your school! The site design is all about your school’s desires and needs.

Easy to maintain and manage content.

No programming experience required!

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100% SmartTerm Integration


SmartSite provides unlimited technical support and training
SmartSite can display:

  • SmartTerm Calendar
  • SmartTerm Assignments
  • SmartTerm Weekly Newsletter
  • SmartTerm Resources


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Powerful Features - Just What Your School Needs!


Unlimited webpages
Social Communication

  • Posting
  • Blogging
  • Email

Google Integration

  • Customized Search
  • Analytics
  • Calendar

Form Creator

Online Store

Unlimited Site Administrators


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Leading School Website Provider in the Industry

Teachers, Administrators, Parents, and Students love the SmartSite and SmartTerm.

Creating sites in SmartSite is simple.

Teachers and Administrators are able to post information quick and effortlessly

Parents and Students love how easy it is to access school updates, newsletters, and resources

Enterprise Website Development

SmartSite is the service provided to offer your school with the website of their dreams!

Personalized Designs

Provide SmartSite with your school design or branding resources and we’ll personalize and maintain your school site.

Through WordPress, we’ll provide over 250+ themes to select from

Fast-Paced Development

Ensures quality development of your school’s website.

Will assist with testing, amending, tweaking, and uploading designs

Quality Data & Information Security

Delivers excellent site and network security for your school site account

Equipped with Web Hosting

A complete service of housing, serving, and maintaining files for your website. Included with your SmartSite account!

State of the Art Training

Offers school specific training and will teach you how to make easy updates and changes to your website.

You can become the expert!

Around the Clock Support

Offers technical engagement and support for you and your website!

"Love using the SmartTerm LMS so wanted to try the SmartSite service. So glad I did! Our community is more engaged than ever."
Carolyn Jasper Satisfied Administrator
"I appreciate a school that not only cares about their students, but also sharing information about events and resources on a broader scale. Thank you SmartSite for providing that ability."
Marcus Stanton Satisfied Parent
"Bridging the gap has never been so easy between not only myself, my students, and their parents through SmartTerm... but sharing all of the wonderful things about our school with our community. Simply amazing!"
Tanya Cooke Satisfied Teacher
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